• Corporations –  Structuring and establishing a legal entity and its funding. Founders Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Foundation Documents.

  • Commercial and Business Law – Continuous support in the life of the business: Acquisition and Investment Agreements, Distribution and Marketing Contracts, Agreements for Senior Employees and Labor Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Suppliers and Sub- contractors Agreements, Non Competition and Non Disclosure Agreement, Joint Ventures and  Co-operation Agreements.

  • Investment and Funding Agreements Private and Public Funding and Loan Agreements. Property and Real Estate Law – Purchase, Sale, Investments, Partnerships and  Group Acquisitions Agreements, Lease and  Funding Agreements.

  • Litigation and Legal Disputes- Shareholders Disputes, Violation of Agreements, Labor Relations, Real Estate and Construction, Arbitrations.

  • International Agreements – Trade, Finance and Investment

  • Individual and Family Wealth and Estate Management